We consider our clinic to be the ideal place to get your comprehensive physicals done in the Queen Creek area. We have the highest quality doctors who take the time to listen, combined with the convenience and ease of getting your physical done at our local, state-of-the-art clinic.

The comprehensive physical exam is also known as the Annual Exam and will be conducted if you haven’t had one in a year or more. It is crafted explicitly to provide excellent preventative care that keeps our patients healthy and armed with all the information needed to stay healthy. Unlike large facilities that treat you like a number, we offer the kind of care that looks out for you.

What is included in a comprehensive physical exam?

Doctors may offer brief or extensive exams based on many factors but these key elements are always touched on during a Comprehensive Physical:

  • History – The doctor will ask about your health and your habits like smoking, drinking, eating, exercise, sexual habits, and so on.
  • Vital Signs – The office will check your pulse rate, body temperature, blood pressure, respiration rate, patient height & weight
  • General Appearance- The doctor will check your skin appearance and observe normal talking, walking, memory, etc
  • Head & Neck Exam – The doctor will check your throat, sinuses, ears, thyroid, and even your arteries to check their health.
  • Heart & Lung Exam -The doctor will listen with a stethoscope to your heartbeat and lung sounds.
  • Abdominal Exam – The doctor will examine your abdomen including tapping on areas, pressing areas, and using the stethoscope to listen to bowel sounds.
  • Gender-Specific Exams- The exam for women may include a breast check and pelvic exam if the patient is not receiving gynecological care separately. The exam for men involves a visual check of the penis, checking the testes for lumps, a hernia, and a prostate check are also commonly included to ensure excellent care.
  • Age-Related Care – Women over 40 may be encouraged to schedule mammograms and everyone over 50 will be recommended to screen for colorectal cancer.
  • Appropriate Lab Tests – Blood work will be scheduled as needed.

Do Doctors Check Your Privates During a Comprehensive Physical?

Your doctor may or may not check your privates during the comprehensive physical. If it is indicated for your care and you aren’t receiving that care from a specialist, then your doctor could check your privates as indicated in the list above.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please reach out to our friendly office and we can assist you. We offer the best Comprehensive Physicals in the Queen Creek area and would be honored to look after you. You can reach us at (480) 882-9993.

Published On: March 15, 2021
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