What is Primary Care

A primary care provider helps each of us achieve and maintain good health; prevent disease by identifying risk factors; coordinate and manage chronic disease care and give us the best opportunity for longevity and optimal quality of life.

Among the many benefits of primary care:

  • Continuity — When a single provider sees you for everything from ear infections to immunizations to blood-pressure control, there is less chance something will be missed when it comes to your medical history
  • Convenience — Within a primary care practice, you can access a wide variety of health services: preventive care and screenings; care for chronic conditions such as asthma, hypertension, and diabetes; and acute care for problems like coughs, digestive issues, and high fever.
  • Early Detection — Regular checkups and contact with a single medical provider make it more likely health issues will be detected early when most treatable.
  • Better Communication — When we know our provider and staff, visits are less stressful and more productive. It’s easier to talk about sensitive issues with someone you know in a familiar setting than with a stranger in a strange place.
  • Reduced Costs — Investing in primary care is associated with improved medical care quality, fewer hospital, and emergency room visits, and lower spending overall.

Making the most of primary care

Even the healthiest adults need routine care. Make yourself a priority by scheduling regular exams. Depending on your age, medical and family history, this can mean annually or more/less often. Talk with your provider about what’s right for you.

Why schedule preventive care?

  • Monitor your blood pressure
  • Stay current on recommended vaccinations
  • Get recommended screenings, including blood tests.

Get care when you need care

In most cases, start with your primary care provider who has the benefit of reviewing your medical records and can refer you to a specialist when needed. If you go elsewhere based on urgency or travel, make sure to have your records sent to your PCP.

We want to be your Primary Care Provider

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