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What kind of doctor specializes in vaccines?

Vaccines are most often administered by pediatricians and all the specialists that work as primary care physicians. This is because there are two main times for vaccinations; in childhood and for adults who need boosters or special vaccines for travel.

Is there a difference between vaccination and immunization?

In general parlance, vaccinations and immunizations mean the same thing. The precise difference is that immunization is the process by which vaccines protect us from disease and vaccination is the process of administering vaccines into the body.

WHO recommended vaccines?

The World Health Organization is a vital source for immunization information. They recommend a carefully constructed standardized list of vaccinations for children around the world by country. You can see the general list here which includes a standardized vaccine list and then special recommendations for higher-risk countries and populations.

What injections do you get in primary/ elementary school?

Since most children have completed their vaccination schedule from birth