Queen Creek Health Center is proud of our innovation in providing truly helpful medical care for you and your whole family here in Queen Creek and the surrounding areas. Our Primary Care physicians and our whole team are laser-focused on your health. We do this by prioritizing preventative care and ensuring you get the attention and specific care you need. We make your healthcare easy and accessible by having all your basic medical needs met at our health center. We are full-service, but we are not a giant hospital system where patients are treated like a number.

What is Primary Care Service?

Primary care service is the medical care given by a primary care physician, a nurse practitioner, or a physician assistant. They act as a general doctor, also known as a general practitioner or family doctor so that you can have a main point of care for your health. Primary Care physicians focus on the prevention and treatment of common illnesses and promoting better health. They are your first stop when you notice something wrong and they keep track of your care even when you see multiple specialists. They perform routine exams, and annual exams, act as your health manager, and focus on the patient’s overall health. The research is clear that health outcomes are significantly improved by having access to Primary Care Physicians.

So Then What Is Secondary Care Service?

Secondary Care is the care patients receive that goes beyond the Primary Care work. Typically, that means specialist care when a condition or medical problem requires more specific expertise. For example, a person with a heart problem will be referred to a cardiologist or someone with cancer will also work with an oncologist. These specialists remain in contact with your primary care doctor, but they focus on a particular medical condition.

Is Primary Care Covered By Insurance?

At Queen Creek Health Center, we accept most major insurance, and things like annual visits, specialized secondary care, and bloodwork are typically covered by full-service insurance. Please check with your provider to be sure your particular insurance plan covers these services.

We have mentioned that we are very proud of our Health Center because our patients don’t have to battle the big hospital mentality of other facilities in the area. We focus on you and your wellbeing whether you only need your annual checkup, or if you need expanded care. If you are a Queen Creek resident or anywhere nearby, our family doctors and stellar team are ready to take care of you because we offer the best Primary Care in the Queen Creek area. Give us a call at (480) 882-9993.




Published On: April 18, 2021
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